Business Assessment

Our Team Has Experience

0 applicants
screened last year for over 200 companies. We screen an average of 200 applicants to find right person.
Average 0 %
cost of hire was less than 5% of their salary
0 employees hired
by our clients last year
0 %
success rate of finding the right person and lasting for over a year

The assessment our team provides contains four parts

  • Marketing
  • Human Resources 
  • Technical
  • Accounting

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$ 1,000

We have clients all over the US

(628) 255-6902

Company Locations

336 Bonair #248, Greenbrea CA 94904

HCR3 Box 10051, Keaau, HI 96749

As one of the premier residential consulting companies in the country, we service every market in the United States and Canada.

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