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These products are free of charge, however you must first call David Lupberger so he can provide you with specific directions tailored to your individual business to help you effectively implement these products into your company.

Managing the Homeowner Experience

Includes a 168-page ebook and a 8-part series of short, succinct training videos, gives you the understanding, step-by-step strategies and materials you need to manage the homeowner’s emotional experience and guide them through the remodel process. With these tools, training and information, you will be able to consistently create a positive, satisfying experience for both you and the homeowner.

Client For Life

This program emphasizes business growth opportunities teaching how to optimize existing customer relationships by managing their largest asset, namely their home. Instead of just having one big job with a customer, you create an ongoing environment that includes annual reviews, identifying potential problem areas leading up to a summary of findings, recommendations and estimates. This leads to recurring business 1 to 2 years in advance.

Business Systems Manual

Remodel Force offers contractors specific business manuals that are construction specific. Manuals include job descriptions by task, written procedures and checklists that are all authored by David Lupberger. These manuals will provide your company the support for owners and staff to have the greatest advantage for managing business operations.

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