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"Before Ed came on the job, we had suffered too many setbacks to count. The project was seriously lagging. When the homeowner (my client) finally agreed to hire Ed, everything changed. Our communication became clearer, quicker, and more comprehensive. He met with the homeowner and contractor, identified our goals and target timeline, and immediately got to work. Ed's gentle (but reliable) persistence got our project back on track. He fills the ESSENTIAL role of project manager and does so in the most amazing way. Ed speaks to everyone with respect and made sure that our contractor (and trades) felt supported rather than attacked. His work is a direct contributor to the success of our project. His business model is invaluable. Ed is one of my favorite people in this industry. As well as being great at his job, he is an incredibly genuine, kind, and caring person. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND him. DON'T HESITATE TO HIRE ED!"
Meldrum Design
Hiring Ed Earl 3 times in the past 8 years on complex remodel construction projects meant the very BEST of all worlds: gorgeous top-drawer and state-of-the-art quality/technology MINUS the stress and over-budget nonsense almost always associated with these projects. Truth be told, expert project management (Ed as y-o-u-r representative onsite and interfacing with your contractor, architect, everyone) is the new normal for sophisticated homeowners who insist on achieving their results on time and on budget. Today's homes, whatever the size or budget, are increasingly complex and it's terrific to have the peace of mind that Ed, with his moore than 25 years of construction and management experience, is the ultimate insurance policy that the homeowners interests are being represented every day until moving in with a huge smile! Expert, precise, creative, integrity at his core -- Ed is all this along with being a joy to work with. First and best decision of any remodel or new construction project is to call Ed!
San Diego
My company, Dandy Handymen Remodeling has been looking for something like the Home Assets Management Plan (HAMP) for a couple of years. After testing HAMP with my current client base, I have been met with great excitement and acceptance. Again, this just cements me (pardon the pun) with my client to an ongoing relationship. I’ve found that many of my clients want to work with companies that can be a “one-stop” shopping provider. And, they want to work with someone who is proactive in their approach and services. After researching some of the options available everyone at Dandy Handymen Remodeling was excited to work with David Lupberger and his Home Asset Management Plan. The major reason for going with HAMP is that it allows us to be the experts and allows for flexibility. You don’t have to provide three or four levels of service and try to plug clients into those levels whether they fit or not.
Billy Webb
Dany Handymen Remodeling

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