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David Lupberger has been involved in the remodeling industry for over 30 years. As a full-service remodeling contractor, over 90% of his work came from repeat and referral business.  That experience in managing customer expectations led him to write a book entitled Managing the Emotional Homeowner which has become one of the bibles of the remodeling industry.

After more than two decades of experience as a remodeling contractor, David learned how to help other contractors develop and implement effective best practices.  For the last 15 years, David has been actively involved as an industry speaker, speaking annually at the International Builder Show (IBS), the annual JLC Live trade shows, the Remodeling Show, along with local remodeling associations all over the country.  He has done over 100 industry presentations and worked with thousands of contractors all over the country developing lean and mean business systems.

Through his work, David hope to redefine the way that small business owners, their customers, and suppliers work together by collaborative relationships being optimized and improved.  That is the basis of a profitable business model!

David’s presentation program titles include:

  • Managing the Custom Remodeling Process – Designing and Creating an Exceptional Homeowner Experience
  • Organizing for Success – 5 Steps to Implement Standard Operating Procedures
  • Selling Your Why – Clearly Communicating Why Potential Customers Should Hire You
  • Remodeling 2.0: Creating Clients for Life – A New Business Model
  • How to Identify and Qualify Your Best Customers
  • 5 Steps to Clear Communication – Clearly Communicating Project Expectation

Ed Earl is an energetic, talented national speaker with a passion for helping contractors reduce conflict in their business and eliminate drama with their customers. Ed is a regular speaker at NAHB’s International Building Show and consistently earns the highest ratings for his presentations. Ed has also spoken for numerous other construction organizations including various local chapters of NARI, National Custom Builders Council, New School of Architecture and the US Green Building Council.

Ed has been nicknamed the ‘Zen Builder’ as a 20 year practitioner of Zen Buddhism and the project manager for the construction of a nunnery complex at Deer Park Monastery in San Diego which incorporates sustainable design and green building techniques including straw bale construction. He promotes an approach to construction project management he terms “collaborative construction” which is based on open communication, trust and shared objectives.

Ed Earl has 30 years of construction experience and an MBA from Stanford University. Ed is the principal of Priority 1 Projects, an Owners Representation / Construction Project Management firm based in San Diego. He has represented owners on a wide variety of construction projects from a 27,000sf estate home to a safari camp rebuild in Africa.

Ed’s presentation program titles include:

  • Wisdom From The Zen Builder: Five Keys to Building Happy Homeowners
  • Working with Owners Reps and Difficult Clients
  • Building Zen: Mindfulness, Sustainable Design and Green Building
  • Zen Keys: Building Trust, Reducing Conflict and Eliminating Homeowner Drama
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We help global leaders with their organization’s most critical issues and
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